Here is a selection of my freelance After Effects work I completed since going limited - last year. The work is in collaboration with RRDonnelley design and includes the RRD showreel, KPMG EMA Conference, Guinness title slates, KPMG Global Conference NYC 2013 and the KPMG Get credit system. The work has been predominantly After Effects and with some Cinema 4D integration. The piece has recently been updated to include the EMA conference Paris Openers as well as the 'Setting the Scene' video. The Character introduction was designed and animated in cinema 4D.

Introductory Character Rigged in Cinema 4D.
RRDonnelley Design and associates KPMG international.
RRDonnelley Design: KPMG EMA Conference Paris
Cheil: Guinness internal promotion
RRDonnelley Design: KPMG GLP Conference 2013
ESA Films: ACE Insurer Limited
RRDonnelly Design: Get Credit System